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Does Insurance cover IVF?

The entire house is filled with happiness after the arrival of a baby in one’s life. Some people are not fortunate enough to feel the same joy, which is the harsh and unbearable pain of not being able to conceive. It is found that 10 to 15% of married couples face infertility issues and need medical help or IVF treatment for conceiving. 

Also, if people wish to proceed with treatment, the cost of ART procedures might push them back from availing of the benefits.

The medical treatments for infertility are quite costly and can be covered with the help of insurance, and health insurance acts as a shield against medical expenses.

What is Infertility? 

A couple is said to be infertile when even after years of unprotected intercourse, they cannot conceive. Infertility can occur either in women or men, making them unable to conceive through the natural process. At this time, they need to connect with the nearest IVF clinic for a prompt solution. 

The Male Infertility Issues are:-

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Lower Sperm Count
  • Swelling of testicle
  • Lower sex drive
  • Male partner above the age of 35

The Female Infertility Issues are:- 

  • Irregular or missed  period
  • PCOS
  • PCOD
  • Blocked fallopian tube
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovulation problems

What is the Solution to Infertility Issues?

There are various types of fertility treatments that can be covered by health insurance too. 

IVF - In-Vitro Fertilization

IVF is a medical treatment in which the egg and sperm are mixed in a laboratory dish for fertilization. The fertilized egg is then transferred to the womb of the lady. This is a safe process for couples, and the doctors mostly recommend IVF treatment after examining a couple and looking into their infertility issue. 

IUI- Intrauterine Insemination 

It is a process that involves direct injection of sperms in the uterus, and this is done during the ovulation process in a laboratory. Generally, it takes two to three weeks to get pregnant through the IUI process. The success rate of Intrauterine Insemination is 11.7%. 

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

It is a process where a single and healthy sperm is washed and injected into the uterus for a smooth pregnancy. ICSI is a type of IVF treatment, but in this process, a particular sperm is selected, which is appropriately washed before injecting it into the uterus. 

Health Insurance

There are various health insurance coverages for IVF treatment, such as; Complete Infertility Insurance Cover, Infertility Diagnosis Cover Only, Fertility treatment cover up to a specific limit, and medication coverage.

Check the prices of IVF treatment, eligibility criteria, medication, the extent of the coverage, and so on before going for health insurance. 

Planning for IVF Covered Insurance

There are some policies, terms, and conditions involved in health insurance. Don’t forget to check those terms and conditions while choosing particular health insurance.  Remember to do proper research before selecting a specific health insurance coverage.

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